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With Tiger Comics Annual Subscription, get epic inspiration home delivered each month.

This comic book series will feature stories acquainting you with India’s magnificent past and letting you experience the life and times of a bygone era through them. Needless to say, with its attractive drawings and easy read structure, these stories will be appealing to both adults and kids alike.

This comic book annual subscription includes 12 monthly printed issues from Tiger Comics, starting from Issue #7, Lord Shani

Lord Shani
Issue #7 (June 2021)

Indian astrology attributes the navagrahas or the 9 planets with certain powers over the destiny of humans. The ruler of Saturn, Lord Shani, is much feared among them because he is believed to be associated with suffering. A story layered with doubts, mistrust, repentance, and love tells us why he has always been a misunderstood graha.

Script: Anitha Ranjit
Artwork: Shabi Karuvatta
Inker: Priya.K.Paulose