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This comic book series will feature stories acquainting you with India’s magnificent past and letting you experience the life and times of a bygone era through them. Needless to say, with its attractive drawings and easy read structure, these stories will be appealing to both adults and kids alike.

This comic book annual subscription includes 12 monthly printed issues from Tiger Comics, starting from Issue #4, Kuvara Lakshama.

Issue #5 (May. 2021)

The Lonar Lake is 56,000 years old and is a saline soda lake located at Lonar in Buldhana district, Maharashtra, India. This lake is both acidic and alkaline in nature, and its waters turn a mysterious pink every now and then. Science says that the lake was created by a meteor impact during the Ice Age and that the colouring is owed to the microorganisms formed in it. However, our Puranas have a whole different story to tell.

Script: Preethilatha Nair
Artwork: Simi Muhamma