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After the first set of 12 books of 2021, we decided to take our time.

We planned for new stories, travelled, researched and created the next twelve at leisure and even shared a few with a set of select readers across India. You are about to read them when you subscribe for our books this year. Kaippuzha Thaampan- the illusionist, Barbarika- Mahabharata’s most powerful warrior, Kuyili- the first martyr, Princess Sukha Dei- the queen from Odisha are all part of it. Carefully studied and put together by our small team of researchers and creators that’s passionate about storytelling and India, equally!

While we did this, a no: of our readers of 2021 have continuously urged us to reopen subscription and create more, with their repeated calls, videos, e-mails and the most encouraging kind words.

To them, Thank you! You are the wind beneath our wings.

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