The Guardians of Goodness

Storytelling is an opportunity in parenting and teaching. Stories, especially from the Tiger Comics, are powerful tools for developing intellect, language, learning and values.

For a child without the privilege of a home or family, these tales mean much more than a comic book. When he carries his own personal copy of a book to his bed, bathroom or playground, he has what a normal child has. The wise, guiding presence of an elder, or a guardian for his little mind!

As creators of the stories, we understand this. It’s also why we believe these books to be a necessary part of every childhood. Hence, for those who cannot afford Tiger Comics, we went looking for donors and sponsors. On May 23, 2023, a kind soul obliged. He bought up all our stock at a discounted price to donate to the children in orphanages across India. Thus we reached young readers as far as Leh, Mizoram and Rajasthan from down South, Kerala. The joy and gratitude we received was overwhelming.

It has led us to this page, seeking the support of more such donors. If it is within your capability, we urge you to sponsor our books for more such rural schools and orphanages.

Let it be your contribution towards building an intellectually and morally rich nation.