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This comic book series will feature stories acquainting you with India’s magnificent past and letting you experience the life and times of a bygone era through them. Needless to say, with its attractive drawings and easy-read structure, these stories will be appealing to both adults and kids alike.

This comic book annual subscription includes 12 monthly printed issues from Tiger Comics, starting from Issue #25 – Sampaati – The story of a brother’s love

The story of a brother’s love

January 2023, Vol. 25, Total Pages 36

Jatayu and Sampaati were brothers who liked to compete with each other like most siblings. But on one fatal day of a match between the two, everything changed for them. The story that tells you the how and why of it, is an unforgettable lesson in selflessness and sacrifice.

Script: Preethilatha Nair
Artwork: Shaji Matthew Pathanamthitta
Cover: Shabi Karuvatta
Layout: Anjali Arun

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